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Proposed Minutes of the February 28, 2017 Meeting of the Aviation Property Owners Association Minutes

Prepared by Barbara Bechard, APOA Secretary (Submitted March 10, 2017)

Meeting opened at 6:20 p.m.

Present:  Jacklin Zeidan, Carol Perrin, Renée Newman, Bob Vincent, Marilyn Wazney, Massada Khouryzat, Ghaleb Khouryzat, Pam Hypnar, 
Fran Hayes, Barbara Bechard, Nofila Haidar, Bob Heitjan.

Guests:  Alex Sashko-Hemlock Park Neighborhood Assoc.

Board positions filled:

President- Jacklin Zeidan, Vice-President-Carol Perrin, Treasurer-Pam Hypnar, Communications/Webmaster-Renée Newman, Secretary/St. Alphonsus liaison-Barb Bechard, Membership-Richard Hypnar and Nofila Haidar, Aviation Nextdoor-Bob Heitjan, Facebook AOPA Page Administrator/Dearborn Schools liaison- Nofila Haidar, Hospitality-Massada Khourzat and Marilyn Wazney, Photographer-Bob Vincent

By-laws:  Carol will contact Mary Beth Reith and/or Mary Petlichikoff to obtain a copy of the AOPA by-laws

Sky Lounge:  There have been many repeated violations regarding Sky Lounge. Michael Bashara, who represents the owner of the building, has asked members of the AOPA to send a letter to the City Council in regards to these violations and compliance to City ordinances. Following much discussion, it was decided that if any letter would be drafted, it would be done after further investigation of ordinance enforcement, and laws governing hookah lounges and food service.

There is to be a City Neighborhood Association meeting on March 1st. The situation regarding Sky Lounge would be brought up at that meeting, and then it would be determined if the AOPA would submit a formal letter to the City Council.

Smoke alarms:  The Dearborn Fire Department has received a grant to install lithium battery smoke alarms to City residents in owner -occupied homes. The Fire Dept. will install these smoke alarms free of charge. Residents are to call Pam at 943-4154 if they wish to have these installed in their Dearborn home.  This is a private Social Media Membership which alerts members of social functions, traffic, safety issues, etc. in our neighborhood. If anyone wishes to sign up for this service, they are to contact Bob Heitjan, who is the coordinator of this service for Aviation Neighborhood.

Trash:   Petitions to stop the Detroit Free Press from throwing their Select Advertising in the approach area of homes have been passed to those wishing to sign. These advertising sections of the newspaper are often left for months in the driveways of residents’ homes.

To stop this unsightly trash, it has been determined that there is a need to educate the community in regards to picking up trash and litter around their homes, and having cars off the streets during snow emergency and public service days.

Meeting location:  the board will look into a site to hold future meetings. Suggestions included:  City Hall, Esper Library, Performing Arts Center, St. Alphonsus, among others. Members of the Board will investigate these and other suggestions and determine a site which could accommodate larger assemblies in the event of speakers, and regular open meetings.

Bank Account:  Currently, there is no bank account or any funds associated with the AOPA. Opening an account will be looked into for future needs.

Future meetings will be held the last Tuesday of each month.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, March 28th at Marilyn Wazney’s home at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m.